Must not imply that blacks are hard to see in the dark

Lenny Henry is a black British TV personality
"Jeremy Clarkson’s comments on television have landed him in controversy more than once. Now he’s in trouble over a remark about his own TV set.

The controversial Top Gear presenter, who has driven environmentalists mad with his eco-sceptism, was commenting on the energy-saving mode on his new TV when he referred to ‘Lenny Henry in a cave’.

In a newspaper column, he wrote: ‘Like so many things in life these days, my new LG flatscreen television has an eco feature. You can choose how much energy you would like it to consume. Very little, a medium amount or tons. But one word of warning. ‘If you turn the feature on, the screen dims so much, every programme looks like it’s being presented by Lenny Henry in a cave.’


I covered another such complaint from Britain on June 23rd

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