Nazi propaganda re-emerges in San Francisco

At least since Karl Marx, the Left has been the principal home of antisemitism -- the socialist Hitler not excepted. That Hitler was defeated in WWII did however cause just about everybody to distance themselves from what he stood for. But the old passion among Leftists has remained, albeit submerged for a time. It was submerged for a few decades but after Israel's victory in the 6-day war it began to emerge again, initially as "anti-Zionism" but more and more openly as hatred of Jews in general. Some examples here.

Now at last we seem to have come perilously close to full circle. So far it is only in the Leftist stronghold of San Francisco but as goes California, so goes the country rather often -- JR.

As you may have heard by now, San Francisco will be voting this November on whether or not to ban circumcision in the city. Defenders of the measure say it’s all about “human rights” and “protecting babies” from unnecessary procedures.

But critics suspected there was something vaguely anti-Semitic about the whole proposal, since among Jews (and Muslims, as well) circumcising male babies is a religious duty, not just a mistaken medical procedure. Ban proponents insisted their proposal had nothing to do with Jews — really, it’s all about the rights of children.

Well, any doubt that they were lying have now been dispelled, with the publication of new campaign literature for the upcoming circumcision ban. The campaign comic book, called “Foreskin Man,” after its baby-saving superhero, features a litany of evil Jews doing battle with blond Nordic saviors.

More HERE. See also here

See the first link for graphics. They are too horrible for me to reproduce here. For anybody who knows the portrayal of Jews in the Nazi propaganda of the 1930's, the resemblance to 2011 San Francisco propaganda is unmistakeable. Jews who think they are safe in America are pretty right at the moment but there is no doubt about the direction events are taking. Germany was once seen as a great beacon for Jewish emancipation too -- JR

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