Going for an abortion?

You might get more than you bargained for at Marie Stopes. You can be molested or be subjected to racial abuse.
LifeNews - A court holding a hearing on charges that a staff member of a Marie Stopes abortion center exposed himself and sexually fondled patients was informed of other problems. Another Marie Stopes International staff member said the abortion facility was "rife with racism." On Monday, the court heard evidence showing that MSI anesthesiologist Narendra Sharma abused and molested patients during abortions. Sharma, an anesthesiologist, allegedly rubbed his sexual areas against the hands of patients during the abortion.

Now, Andrea Blair, former practice manager at the MSI abortion facility in Manchester, told the court about rampant racism at the center. "There was a culture within Marie Stopes Manchester of quite open racism. The culture within the building was extremely racist," she said, according to the Fleetwood Weekly News. "There was some very open, upfront racism and there was a lot of cultural racism, where inappropriate things were being said, not malicious, more ignorance and education issues," Blair added. "There was a lot of openly sexual banter."
Or worse, you can end up dead.
LifeNews - The British abortion business Marie Stopes International says it will review its policies after a 15-year-old girl died from a fatal legal abortion two years ago. Aleesha Thomas left the MSI clinic in Leeds, England in July 2007 after having an abortion and she died five days later. The teenager died from a heart attack due to the infection toxic shock syndrome and the coroner who did her autopsy says a simple antibiotic would have saved her. However, MSI officials let Thomas leave the abortion center without making sure she had the drug.
Don't expect to see either of these in the news though, those unbiased scumbags wouldn't want you thinking that abortion was anything but simple, safe, necessary and perfectly acceptable. Wouldn't want to give you any reason, however small, to let the unborn make it out alive.

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