Europe’s days are over

NYTimes - European leaders offered few extra troops on Saturday for President Obama’s intensified effort in Afghanistan, with most of the soldiers only on temporary security assignment, underlining deep divisions within the alliance over the war. ......As expected, European allies agreed to provide up to 5,000 new troops for Afghanistan, the White House said Saturday. But 3,000 of them are to be deployed only temporarily to provide security for the August elections in Afghanistan. A further 1,400 to 2,000 soldiers will be sent to form embedded training teams for the Afghan Army and the police.
Back when Obama was campaigning for the position of world leader, he was welcomed in Europe by those who were tired of Bush and his hard-power. We were led to believe that Europe only hated America because of Bush and Iraq, that the election of Obama would usher in a new era of utopian cooperation. That Europe was just waiting for the rednecks in America to tire of their arrogant president and elect a nuanced, leftwing sophisticate. So Obama went to Europe, begged for forgiveness, put his own nation down, promised a new direction of humility, a new 'bending-over' to the gasbag intelligentsia in Europe and look what he got.

I saw the footage on the morning news, Merkel, Sarko, Obama and a whole bunch of others waffling across some bridge whose relevance and history escapes me. Apparently there was some sort of summit of some organization called Nato, I read elsewhere that Turkey was itching to join this organization, to which I ask, for what?

This is it folks, Europe with all its diplomatic waffling, the softpower, the various bodies, EU, Nato etc. Meetings, conventions, summits etc and the best a continent can come up with in terms of hard-power is 3000 men for two months or something to take on a bunch of pig-ignorant savages. It's not that Europe was anti-Iraq and if only that stupid Bush had stayed out of Iraq and only fought the "just" war in Afghanistan. It doesn't matter if Europe wants to fight only the Taliban and al-qaeda in Afghanistan and not Iraq. Even if they want to fight, they can't. Heck, Europe can't even stop a bunch of angry assholes from burning buildings and rioting in their streets.

It won't be very long, if it hasn't happened already, before the gangsters around this planet realize that Europe is just a lot of hot air and not much else. Obama might as well turn around before he boards airforce one and tell Europe to go screw themselves. There might be a lot of huffing and puffing, but ultimately, what are you going to do about it Europe? The gangsters of this world like N. Korea, Iran, China, Russia etc would also like to know. Go home Obama and socialize America, if nothing else it'll ensure Europe finally pays the full price for the path they've stuck to for so long.

Having said that about Europe.
......In a news conference after the meeting, Mr. Obama used his most explicit terms yet to detail his pivot from the Bush administration’s view that promoting democracy and human rights should be a central part of the American agenda in Afghanistan. While those goals are worthy, Mr. Obama said, the point of adding more combat troops is to fight Al Qaeda and Taliban insurgents. Mr. Obama said the drafting in Afghanistan of a Shiite family law that the United Nations has likened to legalizing rape within marriage was unfortunate but should not deter the United States from its military goal.
So basically, he'll give the government in Kabul a dirty look but he's not that concerned about human rights and all that. I wonder if it's occurred to Hussein that you can fight the Taliban all you want to, but unless you defeat their ideology, you'll get nowhere and they have all the time in the world to wait you out. I have a feeling that in a few months or a year when the Nato troops are gone and he is still fighting the Taliban and the cost of his various 'free' programs just keep rising, Obama will find some half-assed way of declaring victory [goals have changed again] and quietly slink away.

Why don't you just go home now Obama, you don't have what it takes, just send the odd cruise missile every now and then and tell the leftist fools back home all the while, that you won't tolerate the attacks on America and you'll bring justice and all that feel-good nonsense. If it's any consolation, every one else is also tired and are willing to just 'coexist' at whatever the price.

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