Enough westerners simply won't get it

The other day saw on the evening news a story about Pakistan that nearly got me to fall off my chair. The fellow bringing the story was talking about the Muslim [he didn't say that] terrorist shootings of the Sri Lankan cricket players, in the story he waffled on about what a wonderful place Pakistan was, how the people are so inquisitive, humble and loved their cricket. He also said a few other things that left my jaw hanging, initially I wondered if the fellow was talking about some other fancy planet or something.

It's such a wonderful, humble, peaceful place, is that why they're blowing things sky-high and killing each other. Is that why thousands of these Islamic savages marched against rape-law reform in favor of women back in 2006, because they're such loving, tolerant people!

Yesterday, it was a different fellow who talked a bit about Pakistan, thankfully it wasn't the same stupidity, this time the place was rightly described as a violent, lawless place, now controlled-in-parts by the Taliban. He said that no one was safe in Pakistan, how so many leaders were assassinated etc. But the final dig, which I must admit I was wondering about, was to America. He said the Americans flying around bombing the terrorists was fueling the war.

There always has to be a hate-America angle with these sumbitches, somehow they must weasel in something nasty about America into the story. The fact that these scumbags were targeting Sri Lankan cricket players, not Americans, just bounces off their thick skulls. The fact that Sri Lanka is neither here nor there in the war on Islamic terror, just bounces off their thick skulls too. They hate America, it's all George Bush's fault, it's the western world that did something nasty to them and continues to refuse them free healthcare and social security, so they attack Cricket players from Sri Lanka!

I suppose this is due to the fact that no matter how many people these Islamic terrorists kill, no matter what evil they perpetrate, the leftist media will always hate America more. America and the west are simply far worse, just choke that down your throat like these baboons did.

I should add as well that in the news bulletin, they did make reference to the Mumbai terrorist shootings where Muslim [they didn't say that] terrorists killed close to 200 people. Not surprisingly, the media still don't know who killed all of them, why they killed them or what religion they belonged to and killed in the name of. Not a single word in reference to Islam. No one knows folks, they screamed 'allah akbar' and what not, but it's just too inconclusive, a great mystery folks, too early to tell, no balls etc.

Enough in the western world won't name this enemy, they still consider us in the west as being somehow deserving of the evil that's foisted upon us, they still consider us as being worse. Enough westerners simply won't get it.

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