Consensual Cuddling!!

A self-proclaimed pedophile who posted pictures of little girls to his Web site and made blood boil by insisting he was within the law to do so soon may find himself in the center of another uncomfortable dialogue: whether he will be banned from a community. Two California lawyers on Friday were scheduled in court to seek a temporary restraining order to keep Jack McClellan away from the Santa Clarita Valley area, reports.

"We're firmly convinced that he creates a clear and present danger and a risk to our daughters and to the children in this community, and he stated that he's coming back," said lawyer Richard Patterson, who along Anthony Zinnanti is seeking the restraining order. Both have daughters. McClellan has insisted he was never sexually abused as a child and said he created the Web site to promote association, friendship and legal, consensual cuddling between men and pre-pubescent girls, he said. Source.

MK – Now those are two lawyers I like, what an arrogant creep this fellow is. ‘Consensual cuddling’, yeah sure scumbag, this fellow was had a lot to say about his right to post pictures of little girls on the internet. However, when a police officer took his picture and posted it on the internet, suddenly he wasn’t too happy about that, maybe he was worried some parents or decent folks might find him and arrange a bit of ‘cuddling’ between him and numerous pieces of furniture.

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