Please America

Last week I watched the movie Tristan and Isolde. What I stuck in my mind was when King Marke at the end facing defeat, from his own country men who had joined the Irish King for the promise of a few scraps, called to them, “Will you always be such small men”. He said some other things as well but that stuck in my mind and springs to mind now.
Over half of Europeans would support a preemptive military strike to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, a poll released last week by a London think-tank reports. In response to the statement, "We must stop countries like Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, even if that means taking military action", 52 percent of Europeans agreed, 40 percent disagreed and 8 percent stated they were undecided.
Remember what I said in Sorry – You will do war, what I left out was that once you lose the will and the ability to defend yourself, even if you regain the will, you still won’t have the ability.
However, the April 4 survey of more than 17,000 Europeans in March conducted by the French polling firm TNS-Sofres found little support for increasing military expenditures to counter or contain the threat. Only 37 percent of British voters and 23 percent of all EU voters agreed with the statement that, "Our country should spend more on defense and less on other things."
Time for another quote, Winston Churchill once said "You were given the choice between war and dishonour . . . you chose dishonour and you will have war." On the plus side 37% of Britain learned from you wise one.

So now Europe has unified, but not for strength or honor, they have chosen the path of the free this and the subsidized that but are not willing to secure it. Unless they are deluding themselves into thinking that the Chinese and the Russians are going to help them, that leaves only America.

So please America, learn from the frog and the scorpion story, do not help Europe any longer, let them fend for themselves, I know it’s hard to let go, but you must. For you know if you help them out, as soon as the threat is gone, they will turn around and spit in your disbelieving face. Like the scorpion, it’s in their nature.

Perhaps then some of us down here can wake up as well and start fending for ourselves.

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