As I suspected

Safe and sound they whined for a proportionate response, they demanded the perfect war, but when given the opportunity to demonstrate this and actually get the job done, all we get is excuses.
The French U.N. delegation has joined with Arab nations and is now calling for a complete and immediate Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon as a condition of any cease-fire, the sources said.
Hizbullah kidnaps two soldiers, sends rockets over into Israel everyday, trying to kill as many as possible, and Eurabia has decided Israel must leave them alone and go home and wait at the negotiating table for these terrorists.
In addition, the French have reportedly agreed with Arab demands that the Lebanese force be accompanied only by UNIFIL, with no international force to be deployed.

Syria, Iran and Hezbollah are pushing to take Lebanon's offer to deploy 15,000 forces into the embattled southern region along with UNIFIL forces to gain stability without an international force there after more than three weeks of intense fighting.

The United States State Department said Lebanon's proposal was "an important proposal," but one Bush administration official told FOX News that the United States is drawing a "line in the sand," saying that an international force has to deployed alongside the Lebanese forces.
Ultimately all the whining was just nonsense, all the French, Spanish and the rest of the spineless moralists wanted was for the Israelis to die quietly.

I hope the Israelis learn from this, the next time this happens, and it will, I hope they junk the advance warnings and tip-toeing around; all that has accomplished is more time for the terrorists to re-arm and re-group to fight another day.

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