The Enemies Within

This is unconscionable. But I’m not sure which I find more worrying; the fact that this character will soon sit in a place of Government, or that he actually has a ‘party of choice’ in this country at all? And could we describe the party he has chosen as a natural fit?

Given the level of support for the man, it very much seems so.
Labor man admits support for tyrant

A MILLIONAIRE Victorian businessman who has vowed unswerving loyalty to a Middle Eastern dictator is almost certain to take a Labor seat in Victoria's Parliament.

Syrian-Australian trucking boss Khalil Eideh has been chosen by Labor to run for one of its safest Upper House seats in November. But the Sunday Herald Sun has seen two letters from Mr Eideh to the Syrian Government warning of Zionist threats, reporting to the terror-sponsor regime on Australians and pledging "absolute loyalty" to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

In an Arab newspaper in 2002, Mr Eideh wrote "Satan brigades are getting ready to enslave the Arab world", praising "Arab martyrs".

While admitting to authorising the letters to Syria, Mr Eideh yesterday denied any extremist views and said he abhorred terrorism.

In an October, 2002 letter to President Assad -- a few months before the start of the war in Iraq -- the magnate highlighted threats of "Zionist and colonial attacks on the Arab nation". It concluded: "Loyalty, total loyalty to your wise and brave leadership, and we promise to remain faithful soldiers behind your victorious leadership."

In another letter, to the Syrian Government in June, 2001, Mr Eideh states: "The Syrian influence in Melbourne, Australia, is completely absent and doesn't play any role in the Australian political arena."

He also reported on members of the Syrian-Australian community, saying they attended a lunch hosted by friends of former senator Edward Obeid, who he said "harbour ill will towards the Syrian Arab republic".

ALP sources say Mr Eideh has Premier Steve Bracks's backing. Close friends include federal frontbencher Lindsay Tanner, senator Kim Carr and state MP Liz Beattie.
This is an extremely serious situation. And I don't care what he says he meant when he wrote what he wrote; the content and timing say more than enough, as far as I'm concerned. It goes without saying that the ALP should pull this man’s preselection immediately. If they don’t, it will speak more than volumes about the ALP’s true position (the radical Left we already know about; they’ll welcome him and his allegiances with open arms) and will entirely confirm my very worst fears.

Our worst enemies are within.

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