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God’s speed. . .

A U.S. war veteran who lost both arms in Iraq has sued Oscar-winning director Michael Moore for $85 million, saying television clips were used without his permission in the anti-war documentary "Fahrenheit 9/11" and gave a false impression that he opposed the war.

Sgt. Peter Damon, 33, a supporter of President George W. Bush and the Iraq war, claims Moore misused the footage to portray him "in a false light" and as "disagreeing with the president about the war effort and as disagreeing with the war effort itself."

"It was kind of almost like the enemy was using me for propaganda. What soldier wants to be involved in that?" Damon told CBS’s local television news affiliate. "I didn’t lose my arms over there to come back and be used as ammunition against my commander-in-chief."

Oh, he was using you for propaganda, my friend. Most certainly he was.

I hope Peter does the Moorebastard for a bundle. Given reports of the big fat tosser’s treatment of, oh, well, just about everybody he touches, he can (and should) afford to lose a few kilos (of cash) . . .

Take it like a man, lardboy.

PS: when are some of our American friends going to seek out lardboy and beat the living crap out of him? Just curious. . .

Update: just a little extra steam for the lardboy boiler: lardboy grift

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