The Great Art Project

The initial article was posted to The Asylum on 30/9/05 and was initially a bit of a piss take. Then Bali happened and I got to thinking deeper about things. Anyway, to the original bit

Last week, I was watching the Today show when they had a story about some old fuggly slag in Sydney wanting to recreate the Lady Godiva legend. They showed this old bitch "auditioning" all these young and attractive attention seeking women for the role by making them strip off in front of her so she and her cronies can all have a good perv.

What kind of a scam is that? This old hag comes up with this bullshit plan all so she can get to perv on some young female flesh. And so, to upstage her and actually do what she is bullshitting about doing (as she has no interest in recreating anything, just getting a good perv) and to bring a touch of class and refinement to The Asylum, I am going to recreate some classic pieces of art.

And for that, I will need the help of you, my readers, and your friends.

After a long and intensive search and discussion, I have narrowed down the art works which I wish to recreate. Here they are: (click the image for larger version)

Lilith - by John Collier
1850 - 1934, England

Baigneuse (1870) - by William Bouguereau
1825 - 1905, France

Studio idyll (1918) - by Anders Zorn
1850 - 1920, Sweden

Eve (1524) - by Hans Baldung
1484 - 1545, Germany

The Bath - by John Reinhard Weguelin
1849 - 1927,

Leda and the Swan (1508) - by Leonardo Da Vinci
1452 - 1519,

Now what I need from you, my readers, are pictures of you in these poses. You may try for one or two of these or you may try for all of them. While I am looking for authenticity for the subject of the painting, by all means be creative with the setting. What I mean is that, for instance, were some goth chick wish to recreate Lilith, instead of a snake wrapped around her, she might use one of those studded leather straps.

As another example, swans are notoriously hard to work with, so someone doing Leda and the Swan, might turn it into Leda and the Giant Stuffed Panda or assorted other stuffed toy.

And in the interest of recreating fine art, I will even throw open the invite to leftist women (no hippies however - do you see any leg or armpit hair on the models in these paintings?) Leftist women, you might want to recreate Studio idyll and instead of a musical instrument, have a sign with whatever treasonous message you wish on it. Because this is for great art, it is the only time I will allow it on my site.

As long as you have the expression and the pose right, feel free to be creative with the rest.

Now as with everything, there must some conditions attached

1. You must be female
Sorry, but you males will have to send naked pictures of yourselves to some other site. Besides, I am trying to recreate art here.

2. You must be at least 18 years of age
No sick leftist child molesting fucks are going to get any thrills out of this website.

3. You must specify if you want your email address posted with your submission
This is so that any talent scouts, modelling agents, artists, film makers, porn directors, or random stalkers will be able to contact you.

No email addresses will be given out by any employee of The Asylum so if you do not say explicitly you want it posted, it will not be and thus you may lose any opportunity to be recruited as the "next big thing" in the film, modelling, porn world etc.

4. You must tell me how you want your picture to be credited (if at all)
If you don't want your name up there, that is fine but how will the talent scouts, modelling agents et al, identify you? Again, no details will be given out by anyone at The Asylum so think carefully before missing this opportunity.

*I guarantee that the finalists for each art work will be inundated with recruitment offers from various movie and modelling scouts.

Each of the finalists will then be invited to make a submission to recreate the big one, and my personal favourite:

The Birth of Venus (1485) - by Sandro Botticelli
1445-1510, Italy

Make no mistake that this will be a fantastic project. This is more than just recreating the finest pieces of art that Western Civilization has produced. This will be a celebration of Western Civilization itself. So get to work my readers. Get your friends and family to make submissions as well.

*- not a guarantee

As I said, a bit of a laugh, but then Bali happened again and I got to thinking that this could be an excellent opportunity to say "Up yours, pig fuckers" to those who perpetrate and support these acts.

I initially said that this was to be a celebration of Western Civilization, somewhat facetiously I might add. But why not now make it one? And a celebration of the freedom that we enjoy in our civilization? An added bonus is the way it will offend these muslim primitives with their feelings towards nudity.

Think of this as a project along the lines of the "Were not sorry" project, (the one set up to answer the leftist morons' "We're sorry" project after Bush's landslide election demolition of Kerry last year, not the shitty abortion one) only more offensive to muslim scum.

We want to make this a celebration of our civilization. As an example, with my suggestion to leftists to recreate Studio Idyll to use a sign instead of a musical instrument (truth be told I was going to photoshop any messages leftists might have written), you might want to do that one and be sure to add something pro-West, pro-freedom, anti-muslim-sensibilities into the submission, say a big, fluffy pig with a sign on it saying "Eat me, muslim scum".

Now getting back to the whole "celebration of our civilization" concept. I haven't really explained properly what I was getting at by calling for one.

As I was researching this article, I began going through the various art websites, looking at other paintings and sculptures, looking at other works from the various artists I had short-listed. I began to get a new appreciation for it. There were some beautiful pieces on display, particularly from the 15th and 16th centuries. And I could see the influence that religion, specifically Christianity, had on those artists. And then I got to thinking about the freedom those artists had to create such pieces without fear of anything. Not only was it allowed, it was encouraged for them to create such wonderful pieces.

Take a look at Hans Baldung's Eve - a muslim equivalent would be mohammed with his teeny tiny dick buried up a camel's ass. And unlike Baldung, instead of going on to create more works of art and having his art remembered and recreated some 481 years later, the artist of that piece would be tortured and killed and his work destroyed.

As Michael Cooper said in an email to me:

"The West is so superior to Islamic "culture" it's actually quite shocking. Mohammed could NEVER have created such beautiful art (or science, or literature, or medicine, or technology for that matter)"

That is exactly what I was trying to get at. The most beautiful pieces of art come from Western Civilization. Not to mention great literary works and the music from the Great Composers. islamic culture could NEVER produce anything like the works of art on this page. muslims and their women enslaving death cult "culture" are primitive in every respect compared to our civilization, and have been for almost all of history.

And it is up to us to shove it in all their faces and show them the utter contempt we have for them. Let them know they are not our equals.

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