Sinking Deeper Into Corruption

The United Nations continues to find new lows to sink to.
The lawyer for a U.N. staffer fired for wrongdoing in the oil-for-food scandal insisted yesterday that his client acted on orders of higher-ups and is being used as a "scapegoat" to take the heat off Secretary-General Kofi Annan and other bigwigs.

Coming out swinging two days after his client was canned, the lawyer for Cypriot mid-level bureaucrat Joseph Stephanides said he plans a major battle against U.N. leadership to get reinstated and refute charges he engaged in "serious misconduct" in the award of a lucrative inspection contract to a British firm.

Lawyer George Irving told The Post Stephanides was "essentially the messenger" when he warned the British mission to the United Nations in 1996 that the company Lloyd's Register needed to substantially lower its tender in order to beat out a French firm that submitted the lowest bid.

Is Stephanides telling the truth or is this merely a case of sour grapes? It's hard to say but it certainly wouldn't surprise me if the charge turned out to be true. The UN is a pathetic and anemic group dominated by 2-bit banana republic tyrants. This latest claim is just one more small piece of a much larger picture and a pattern of corruption is definitely emerging.

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