Sheikh Turns Fakir

If you missed Sheikh Hilarity on SBS Dateline, check out the transcript (no streaming video yet)- it's funnier than a busload of asylum-seeker supporters going off a cliff and landing on a whale mass stranding:-

GEORGE NEGUS: So you don’t hold the Australians responsible at all for what happened, the way Douglas Woods was rescued, let alone the death now of one of the Iraqis as we hear?

SHEIK TAJ EL-DIN AL-HILALY, (Translation): No, no I don’t, what happened exactly, is that some Iraqi police officers or the National Guard, were conducting a search and stumbled on someone. Oh, who’s this? Douglas. And Rambo, the American forces thank you very much, took him, and that is what happened.

GEORGE NEGUS: But you don't really blame anyone? It was an unfortunate set of circumstances.

SHEIK TAJ EL-DIN AL-HILALY, (Translation): No, up till now I have no information of betrayal, till now.

So the rescue of an Australian citizen with no allied casualties is an unfortunate set of circumstances and a betrayal, requiring the assignment of blame. (Snicker snicker.)

GEORGE NEGUS: Does this mean the captor, the insurgents, the people who captured Douglas Wood and these two Iraqi gentlemen just can't be trusted.

SHEIK TAJ EL-DIN AL-HILALY, (Translation): After the raid, contact stopped, the raid has had bad consequences.

GEORGE NEGUS: Do you think Douglas Wood was wise to describe his captors as, to use a dreadful Australian term, arseholes?

SHEIK TAJ EL-DIN AL-HILALY, (Translation): Douglas Wood doesn’t know his head from his feet, the poor guy should be excused, because he needs a new program…… he needs to be re-programmed to become a new person.
We are trying to build bridges between the Iraqi nation and its people and the Australian nation, Australian society. We have built many bridges and established good relations for the future. Such talk is irresponsible and very dangerous. It affects the relationship and any future work, involving Australian interests in Iraq.

So the raid had bad consequences? Sure did for the terrorists; Wood didn't know what he was saying, though, what with not knowing his head from his feet. Another day or two and his head would have been rolling around his feet. Once they had it off, I'm sure his captors could have done a re-progamming job like billy-o. (Chortle, guffaw).

Having allowed the tubanned turd to snork on for about twenty minutes of utter bollocks, George Fungus nailed him in the epilogue, to cover SBS's arse which has been hanging in the breeze for days over their dodgy reportage of this whole episode:-

GEORGE NEGUS: Sheik Hilaly - understandably emotional on hearing the news of the death of the two Iraqis taken hostage with Douglas Wood. A high-level local intermediary writing off the raid by Iraqi forces as a 'fabrication', and claiming the two innocent Iraqis had been killed after the Baghdad raid when earlier we confirmed with the family that they died before the raid. Whatever else, our evening with the sheik reinforced how murky the truth can be in the murderous mess that is Iraq.

Not as murky as your idea of journalistic integrity, George. (Laughs like drain).

Our resident cartoonist GP sums it up pretty well:-

Oops- there is streaming video here- it will make you day. (It's also repeated today 23/6 at 1300, which is about now).

Also featured was a beat-up on supposed Orwellian supression of truth (and a shameless cross-promo for Truth, Lies and Intelligence, another documentary on Iraq made by public-fund hoover and dingbat Carmen Travers, to air tonight), where ASIO/ONA goons descended on upstanding citizens like Robert Manne, Carmel Travers and Andrew Wilke to scan their computers for any confidential information swiped by Wilke when he resigned (why he's never been charged by the feds under the Crimes Act is beyond me), and in the event of data being discovered the hard drives were trashed.

What's particularly Orwellian about this story is that Australia's intelligence agencies have sweeping new powers that can prevent any reporting of incidents like these.
The new laws are designed specifically to target people who are not suspects but merely have information that might be of interest to national security. We and the people we've spoken to have had to take extensive legal advice before proceeding.
These new anti-terrorism laws hang like the sword of Damocles over anyone who becomes caught up in the world of national security. In this case, no warrants were issued under the ASIO act as everyone agreed to the cleansing. If they had resisted, they could have faced possibly five years in jail, and even talking about the fact that the cleansing had taken place would have been a crime.

Note use of the term cleansing- a term never used by the officers involved, but a creation of SBS to add a sinister air to the operation.

There's much talk of jail, and supression, but no-one's been charged, much less banged up, and they're yammering freely about the whole thing on a broadcaster funded by the government.

How much more of this jackbooted thuggery can we tolerate?

These munchkins live in their own little paranoid fantasy world, don't they?

(From the Daily Diatribe).

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